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We Carry the Best Selection of Flowers Online in Sydney, Surrey Hills and Waverley

Flowers have long been considered the best possible way to show someone how you feel about them or to let them know you are thinking about them. Where once the only way you had to purchase any type of flowers in Sydney, from a simple bouquet to a vase filled with carnations, roses, chrysanthemums and many other types of flower was to actually walk into a shop. For the past 25 years Sweetheart Flowers has made it possible for you to buy the floral arrangements you need in Sydney via the Internet.

We Are the Number One Place to Buy Flowers in Surrey Hills

Whiles there are a number of shops where you can buy floral arrangements in Surrey Hills that offer a nice selection for you to choose, we believe we have far more to offer. As an online florist we can access one of the largest sources of fresh cut flowers in the world. Not only does this mean that we can offer our customers in Surrey Hills a wider selection to choose from, it means that unlike many florists, our flowers are always as fresh as the day they were cut.

It Is All about Choice

When you are looking for flowers in Waverley, you need to find a florist that offers you plenty of choices. No two occasions or for that matter, two people are likely to be right for the same floral arrangement. If you have been using the same flower shop in Waverley for years, you may have noticed their selection does not always have what you are looking for. As you look through the pages of our online catalogue, you will find that as an online florist we are all about choices. We have one of the largest selections of floral arrangements, live plants and gourmet gift baskets in the Waverly area.

You Never Have to Wait

Time seems to always be in short supply these days, leaving you with little to no time to try to find a florist in Sydney. Rather than wasting time you really can’t afford looking for a better selection, visit our online catalogue. At Sweetheart Florist, we carry dozens of different floral arrangements for you to choose from. We have themed collections for specific holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day as well as well as those specially designed to be delivered to new mums in the hospital.

We Deliver 24/7

One of the reasons we are rated as one of the best florists in Australia, beyond our amazing selection and 25 year history of delivering excellence, is that we are here to deliver your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter what time of day or night you need to place your order or have it delivered, we are here ready to help you put a smile on someone’s face with one of our beautiful floral arrangements.

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